Nummist Media uses Unity (a leading game engine) to develop games, simulations, and augmented reality (AR) apps. With Unity, we target mobile devices, the Web, desktops, and Wii U. We are experienced in training new Unity developers for our clients and in building Unity projects to clients' specifications.

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Cosmic Compass and the Cosmic Asset Bundle


Cosmic Compass is an usually beautiful compass and modern variant of the sundial. It simulates the direction and brightness of sunlight and moonlight based on date, time, and location. It also points north!

We give it to you as a free Android app on Google Play Store. As a preview, we offer a Cosmic Compass Web app that runs in browsers on Windows and Mac. The Web app has the lighting simulation but no true sense of north.

If you, too, are an app developer and you like the features of Cosmic Compass, we have another product for you!

All our code from Cosmic Compass is published as an asset bundle on the Unity Asset Store. This bundle, called Cosmic, is useful for AR, virtual reality (VR), and any simulation, game, or app that can benefit from realistic cycles of natural light.